In order to provide opportunities for students in Southeast Asia to verbally apply English in everyday communication, SEAMEO Secretariat, under the leadership of Dr Gatot Hari Priowirjanto, has initiated “1 Million Students: Storytelling & Debate, SEAMEO English Proficiency Programme” which aims to provide an online platform for students to work on their spoken English and primarily for teachers in Southeast Asia to share and learn innovations and teaching techniques among one another to promote learners’ opportunities to cultivate English communication skills with their peers in Southeast Asia.

The project has started its first phase, which brought together primary schools within the “SEAMEO 50x3 Schools’ Network.” This project supports one of SEAMEO’s 7 priorities; Adopting a 21st Century Curriculum.


  • To promote the usage of English among students in Southeast Asia.
  • To maximize the use of technology in enhancing the capabilities of learning English in schools.


To achieve the objectives, SEAMEO Secretariat has aimed to conduct the programme in two phases, English storytelling for primary school students and English debate for high school students.

Phase 1: Storytelling for Primary School Students (PILOT)

Duration February – April 2017
Participation 3 Schools from “SEAMEO School Network” in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

The 3 main activities implemented throughout the project include:

Activities Description
1. Videoconferencing To achieve the project’s aims, SEAMES has conducted the programme via WEBEX, a videoconference application as a platform for primary school teachers instructing English in Southeast Asia to share and exchange innovative pedagogies and techniques among one another.
2. Classroom Teaching While the videoconference is arranged to be the platform of discussion, teachers at schools must lead all the English learning activities. Therefore, involvements and support from teachers in the following roles are required;
  • To identify the English language level of students.
  • To provide new lessons/revise students’ knowledge on necessary vocabularies and structures to be constructed gradually within 4 weeks and sufficient enough for the selected topics for presentation.
  • To assist students to record their own videos and upload to “YouTube” for review of teachers from other schools.


3. Students’ Presentation At the end of the project, students are required to make presentations on the following topics.
Topics for Presentation (3 minutes)
1. Family & Friends
2. My School & Teachers The videos are then uploaded on to “YouTube” and subsequently reviewed by participating teachers.


Participating Schools

Country School Number of
Participating Students
Coordinating Teacher Presentation by Students
(Video Links)
Indonesia SDK 5 BPK Penabur 12 Amazia Pravianti, Aditya Pratama VDO
Cambodia Wat Bo 5 Leak malen, Ma phalla , Chhean Reaksmey
and Tong Sochea
Malaysia SK Seri Bintang Utara 24 Nalini Thangavello VDO


Phase 2: Debate for High School Stu

The English Debate is the second stage in the English Efficiency Programme to encourage the usage of English among students. To open opportunities for students of other ages, participants in this stage will be high school students; grades 9 to 12. The debate will be scheduled to follow the story telling stage. The duration will be approximately 16 weeks (4 months).

The 2nd Phase will tentatively start in September of 2017

Activities Timeline
Online Registration (only school/teacher) Week 1
Web Ex Tutorial Session Week 2
Teacher Orientation & Registration of Students Week 3

Programme Starts
Session 1: Student Discussion Week 4
Session 2: Student Discussion Week 5
Session 3 – 11: Debate Week 6 - 14
Announcement of Winner Week 15
Evaluation of Project Week 16
*From session 3 to session 11, an elimination process will begin, in which only the winning
teams will be placed in the next round. (1 session per week)



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