Optimized Diet at Sub-Population and Individual Level

Lecturer Dr Umi Fahmida

Acting Deputy Director of Programme / Academic Staff


SEAMEO Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (RECFON)

Target Audience

Researchers, lecturers, policy makers, programme implementers, etc.


English proficiency, education background related to health, food and nutrition
Activities Lectures, Discussions, and Assignments
Live Online Sessions 20 June 2017
Registration Deadline 13 June 2017 (23.59 hrs, GMT+7)
Time 10.00 – 12.00 (GMT+7)
Deliverable Language English
Maximum Number of Participants 198 Participants

Lecture Coverage

It is well understood that dietary intake determines nutritional status of individual and subsequently population.  Different dietary patterns in different populations and sub-populations have been associated with difference in nutritional outcomes.  However, food and nutrient intervention do not always bring the same outcome in terms of efficacy and effectiveness.  This may be attributable to less specificity in the design of the intervention in terms of accommodating specific problem nutrients as well as to individual variation in terms of metabolism of nutrients. 

This lecture aims to present: (1) principles and case studies on diet optimization at the population and sub-population using linear programming (LP) approach; and (2) principles and findings on nutrigenomics/nutrigenetics and how it can assist in the effort to develop more optimized dietary recommendation at individual level. The lecture will consist of two sections. The first section will start with introduction of the principles of dietary optimization using LP to develop local specific food based recommendation.  Findings from previous studies will be presented to show that different population and sub-populations have different “problem nutrients” and therefore locally available nutrient-dense foods must be promoted fill the gap of the problem nutrients.  The second section will present the principles of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics, followed by some evidence of the role of gene (genotype) in influencing nutritional status.  The potential implications for research and programmatic considerations are discussed.

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Nur Mutiara (Ms) – Training Officer and SEAMEO RECFON Coordinator
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