Management of Invasive Alien Plant Species

Lecturer Dr Tjitrosemito Soekisman
Position Affiliate Scientist


Target Audience

Teachers (Middle and Primary) and University Students


English proficiency and basic knowledge in ecology, biology, and geography
Activities Lectures and, Discussions
Date 15 June 2017
Registration Deadline 8 June 2017 (23.59 hours, GMT+7)
Time 14.00 - 16.00 hours GMT+7
Deliverable Language English
Maximum Number of Participants 198

Lecture Coverage

Context : Dr. Soekisman Tjitrosemito will share his knowledge that  the invasive alien plant species damages our environment ecologically, economically as well as threatening  our health and how to manage them to reduce if not to eliminate those negative impacts

Background : The concept of invasive species was formulated in 1992 in article 8(h) of CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) which binds the the convention signatures to prevent the introduction of, to eradicate or to control those invasive species. It was relaized that invasive alien plants species already exist abundantly in a country and further guidance of actions in the form of Aichi biodiversity target no 9 is outlined.  By 2020 the pathway of invasive alien plant species should have been identified, the invasive alien plamt species should have been prioritised to be trated and the measures should have been in placed to prevent the introduction of invasive alien plant species.

Objectives : BIOTROP wishes to promote actions by unifying the region to establish harmonized regulation to fight those invasive species from damaging the region. Information on research training and symposia  on identifications, control, and management of invasive alien plant species, as well as restoration of degraded ecosystems due to invasion may be shared for management.

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