Continuum of Care to Prevent Stunting: An Experience from Indonesia

Lecturer Ms. Luh Ade Ari Wiradnyani
Position Manager of Community Development Unit
Institution SEAMEO Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (RECFON)
Target Audience

Policy Makers, Program Implementers, Researchers, and Academies


English proficiency and Has basic knowledge in health and nutrition
Activities Lectures, Discussions, and Assignments
Date 23 May 2017
Registration Deadline 16 May 2017 (23.59 hours, GMT+7)
Time 14.00-15.30 (GMT +7)
Deliverable Language English
Maximum Number of Participants 198

Lecture Coverage

Studies have confirmed that stunting has long term consequences that include cognition, production capacity, and reproductive ability.  The consequences are known to be irreversible. The catch up growth, if possible, only results in small impact.  Therefore, stunting prevention should get priority.  In term of period, a recent review indicates importance of the first 1000 days of child life to stunting prevention, in which some nutrition interventions during the period are available in most countries.  The objective of the lecture is to address the evidence of risk factor of child stunting, by optimally use the available national data across years complemented with findings from qualitative approach to give comprehensive pictures on the gap between what is known and why it is so. First the lecture will cover data on trend of stunting prevalence and coverage of national nutrition program within the first 1000days suggested to associate with risk of stunting. Then, it will also discuss how the nutrition programs contribute to the risk at different stage of child’s life.  The strength of qualitative approach in explaining the reason of why certain population has such practices will be using as basis to find the gap between actual practices given their knowledge and resources.  The lecture will also briefly share some research findings and the potential implications for research and programmatic considerations.

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Nur Mutiara (Ms) – Training Officer and SEAMEO RECFON Coordinator

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