Secondary Education in Rwanda and Kenya

Lecturer 1: Mr Tomoharu Takahashi
2: Mr Peter Lilande


Institution UNESCO-IICBA (UNESCO Internaitonal Institution for Capacity Building in Africa)
Target Audience People interested in education in East Africa


English proficiency
Activities Lectures, Discussions
Date 14 June 2017
Registration Deadline 7 June 2017 (23.59 hours, GMT+7)
Time 14.00 – 16.00 hours GMT+7
Deliverable Language English
Maximum Number of Participants 198

Lecture Coverage

Background (Rwanda part)
In January 2016, Rwanda introduced a new Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) that covered pre-primary to secondary education. Compared with the previous knowledge-based curriculum, learning emphasis in the new curriculum is focused more on knowledge application than knowledge acquisition. Teaching methods also shifted from being teacher-centered to learner-centered, thereby allowing students to think for themselves. Although the idea of competence-based education is not new, its introduction from pre-primary is unique. CBC is designed to improve two categories of student competences: basic competences and generic competences.

Objectives of the lecture
・Knowing about educational situation in Rwanda
・Getting some ideas on actual situation of CBC at school level
・Grasping the role of education in African context

Rwanda is also famous for changing its medium of instruction from French to English in 2009. The lecture will cover motivation of students for learning English and effect of the change on classroom teaching. The lecture will not only focus on classroom teaching but try to look what Rwandan government has been trying to achieve through education from policy perspectives as well.
Participants are welcomed to discuss any matter on education in Rwanda and Kenya and we hope we can discuss better approach to address educational issues in Africa from perspectives of other countries.

***E-Certificates will be provided only for full participation***

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For further information regarding both lectures please contact:

Ms Indriyati Rodjan – UNESCO IICBA Coordinator and Seconded Staff

Tan Ketudat (Mr) - Host & SEAMES Coordinator

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