Obesity and The Burden of Non-Communicable Disease

Lecturer Dr Helda Khusun

Research Manager, Researcher and Lecturer

Institution SEAMEO Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition (RECFON)
Target Audience Researchers, lecturers, policy makers, programme implementers, etc.


English proficiency, education background related to health, food and nutrition
Activities Lectures, Discussions
Date 9 May 2017
Registration Deadline 27 April 2017 (23.59 hours, GMT+7)
Time 10.00 – 12.00 (GMT+7)
Deliverable Language English
Maximum Number of Participants 198

Lecture Coverage

The lecture was driven upon the tremendous increase of obesity prevalence in developing countries and its impact on the burden of diseases in these countries.  Obesity is increasing rapidly in developing countries, including in the south east Asia region and had an impact on the burden of diseases, where non communicable diseases is now emerging as the major cause of death in these countries.  This increase is worrying because not only it affected the high socioeconomic population, but it has also affected the low socioeconomic population. People in the low SES strata have limited access toward health care necessary for the non communicable diseases. Thus morbidity and mortality due to this will eventually put high burden on health care cost in the country.

The lecture will aim to:
1. Describe the trend of obesity prevalence in SEA countries
2. Describe the trend in major cause of death in SEA countries
3. Illustrate the consequences and economic cost of Obesity and NCD
4. Describe the role of nutrition in the prevention of NCD

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For further information regarding both lectures please contact:

Nur Mutiara (Ms) - Training Officer at SEAMEO RECFON and Centre Coordinator
Contact: education@seameo-recfon.org, tpc@seameo-recfon.org

Tan Ketudat (Mr) - Host & SEAMES Coordinator
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