Lecturer Mr Rajitha Ranaweera,
Ms. Maharani, and
Mr Andrew Winkler
Position Consultant
Institution K – MAS Management / Cosmopolitan College of Commerce & Technology and Finance Officer at IBTE – Business Campus / SEAMEO VOCTECH Staff
Target Audience Entrepreneurs / Self Employed Individuals / First Time Managers


Basic English Knowledge
Activities Lecturing / Case Study Discussions
Date Thursday, July 20, 2017
- -
Time 11.00am Thai Time (GMT+7)
10.00am Brunei Time (GMT+8)
Deliverable Language English
Maximum Number of Participants 25

Background of Lecture

Any business, small or large, needs to understand how they perform in the market. There are many complicated methods to understand the business performance. Yet this module will provide simple but effective method to understand the business performance.

At the end of the program, you will be able to see how your business is doing irrespective of whether you know about finance / management or not.


  1. To provide a basic understanding on measurements of Business activities
  2. To provide a basic understanding on how to measure business performance
  3. To improve the competency of taking effective business decisions for new comers

Course Coverage

  1. Introduction to Finance
    1. Assets
    2. Revenue
    3. Expenses
    4. Cash

  2. Measuring Business Performance
    1. Return on Investments (ROI)
    2. Customer Acquisition Cost and Market Share
    3. Efficiency (Assets Usage / Profit Margins)

  3. How IT can make performance management easy – Introduction to few software such as “Quick book” and “Soho”

How will this lecture benefit the participants?

At the end of the lecture, participants will be able to evaluate the current performance level of their business and will also be able to develop future targets.


***E-Certificates will be provided only for full participation***

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For further information regarding both lectures please contact:

Tan Ketudat (Mr) - Host & SEAMES Coordinator