Online Lecture Series by SEAMEO Secretariat as part of the “SEAMEO Community Development: Online Lecture Series and Training Programmes”


The online lecture series by SEAMEO Secretariat as part of the “SEAMEO Community Development: Online Lecture Series and Training Programmes” aims at capacity building of students in Southeast Asian countries which will be facilitated by an online-platform specifically called WEBEX. It is designed for E-learning and improving knowledge and English communication skills of students. With contributions from SEAMEO Secretariat , with relevant knowledge fields, they will be delivering lecture in various academic fields on the first week of April 2017.



  1. To develop capacity and provide knowledge in various areas to Southeast Asian students at all levels
  2. To improve students’ listening and English communication skills
  3. To provide access to knowledge for students throughout Southeast Asia, given by SEAMEO Secretariat through information exchange by utilising the latest information and communication technology (ICT);
  4. To strengthen networking of SEAME0 Secretariat and other educational institutions who will contribute to the success of this programme.


Students at all levels in Southeast Asian countries are welcome to participate in the lectures.

The lectures will have a limited number of participants:-

  1. A maximum number of 200 participants per lecture
  2. The registration will be accepted as a first come first serve basis


All lecture series will be free of charge and registration deadlinewill be on 30 March 2017.
The registration can be done through the online registration by clicking on the following link:

Mode of Delivery
The lectures will be conducted through online by using Webex


Certificates of Attendance will be provided in the form of e-file (pdf format)


Areas of Online Lecture Series
The areas of lecture series will vary, depending upon the expertise and resource persons of the SEAMEO Secretariat. The potential areas include:

  1. Tourism
  2. Information Technology (IT)
  3. Cultural and Youth Development
  4. Life Experiences
  5. Language Education


Topics and Schedule

Speaker Title Target Audience Lecture VDO Timeline
Mr Anusorn Dusitpirom Photoshop for Dummies Students Click 3 April 2017
Mr Yiman Kaing New Lifestyle in My Very First Time Abroad Students Click 4 April 2017
Mr Tan Ketudat See Poland through the Eyes of a Foreign Student Students Click 5 April 2017
Ms Sumayyah Abu Bakar Work or Study? Students Click 7 April 2017
Mr Veasna Kao Daily Life of a Programmer Students Click 10 April 2017


Focal Persons