Centre Lecture Series Online Training
BIOTROP Sorghum as Multipurpose Crop
Dr. Supriyanto
Tissue Culture Techniques to Produce High Quality and Quantity Seedlings
Ms. Erina Sulistiani
RECFON Obesity and The Burden of Non Communicable Disease
Dr. Helda Khusun
Nutrition Education for Elementary School Teachers
SEAMOLEC ICT Integration into Teaching and Learning Digital Class
SEAQIL The Importance of Language for Educators at Primary School Level Classroom Action Research
SEAQIM Joyful Learning in Mathematics Classroom
Pudjiati, M.Ed
Classroom Action Research
Dr. Wahyudi
SEAQIS Higher Order Thinking Skill in Science Science Class Supervision
BIOTROP Mycorrhiza Technology to Support Sustainable Agriculture
Dr. Dewi Wulandari
Combination of Aquaponic and Bioflock to Support Urban Agriculture
Dr. Nur Bambang P
RECFON Food Choice in Urban Population
Dr. Judhiastuty Febrohartanty
Nutrition Education for Junior/Senior High School Teachers
SEAMOLEC University Partnership in SEA Whiteboard Animation
SEAQIL Literacy Development at Primary Secondary School Level School Action Research
SEAQIM Problem Solving Approach in Mathematics Classroom
Fadjar Shadiq, MApp.Sc
Teacher Made Teaching Aids for Mathematics
Uki Rahmawati
SEAQIS Increase Understanding in Biology Concept Earth and Space Science
BIOTROP Organic Sold Waste Management to Support Urban Agriculture
Dr. Arief S Yuwono
School Garden Establishment to Improve Nutrition, Literacy, and Enterpreneurship
Dr. Jesus Fernandez
RECFON Optimized Diet at Sub-Population and Individual Level
Dr. Umi Fahrida
Development of Local Specific Food-Based Dietary Guidelines Using Linear Programming (for Academies and Programme Planners)
SEAMOLEC Vocational High School Networking in Indonesia Edu Game
SEAQIL   Using HOTS as Teaching Strategy
SEAQIM Realistics Mathematics Education
Wahid Yunianto, M.Sc
SEA-RME for Primary School
SEAQIS Content Enhancement on Physics for Secondary Level STEM Education
BIOTROP Management of Invasive Alien Species to Safe Conservation Agriculture Production Area
Dr. Soekisman
RECFON The Continuuum of Care to Prevent Stunting: An Experience from Indonesia
Dr Luh Ade Wirodayani
(Note: For Policy Makers, Program Imlementers, Researchers, Academies)
SEAMOLEC Design for the Future  
SEAQIM HOT in Mathematics Classroom towards STEM  
SEAQIS Chemistry on Real Life