SEAMEO Database on Education

This section provides educational data of SEAMEO Member Countries. It is intended for the reference of policy makers and educators who are interested in the development of Southeast Asian education. The data are provided by the officers of Ministries of Education (MOEs) who have been assigned by their respective countries to take responsibility of the SEAMEO data. The sources are the primary data of the education planning units and data units of the MOEs, as well as other secondary data. The SEAMEO Secretariat is grateful to all data providers.

SEAMEO Dashboard Data (as of 2014)
Type Pre-Primary Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Secondary Technical Vocational Tertiary
No of Schools 206,570 306,315 62,748 32,991 21,075 13,121 3,821
No of Students 13,267,352 64,759,126 22,219,802 14,970,044 14,098,191 7,228,196 11,491,665
No of Teachers 1,030,917 3,368,163 1,315,224 901,595 567,092 241,409 477,109

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