Human Resource Development Programmes through the SEAMEO Regional Centres

Over the past four decades, SEAMEO has developed 15 specialist institutions in 8 of its 11 Member Countries that provide regional leadership human resources development and the diverse expertise that they offer in learning, health and environment and agriculture and natural resources.

These SEAMEO Regional Centres maintain SEAMEO's work and aspirations to nurture human capacities and explore the fullest potential of people in the region through quality and equity in education, preventive health, culture and tradition, training, research, information and communications technology, language, poverty alleviation and agriculture and natural resources.

Since its inception, the SEAMEO has not only become the oldest chartered intergovernmental organization serving the Southeast Asian region but also Southeast Asia's largest and most dependable service provider in human resource development.

Since 1965, SEAMEO has trained over 70,000 participants through the fifteen SEAMEO Regional Centre's human resource development programmes.

SEAMEO provides regular training courses, customized courses, diploma, masters and doctorate degrees, as well as short courses in the Regional Centres' fifteen areas of specialization.