1. SEAMEO Regional Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology (SEAMEO INNOTECH), Philippines

SEAMEO INNOTECH, the Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology, is one of the 15 regional specialist institutions of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). It is principally dedicated to identifying common and unique education problems and needs of Southeast Asian countries and developing innovative and technology based solutions to address these problems. The Center aids in educational development within and outside the region through training and human resource development, research and evaluation, information dissemination, and other special programs addressing specific areas of concern in the Southeast Asian education sector.

The Center's training and human resource development program remains to be the core of the Center's interventions. True to its mandated role of being the educational problem-solving arm of SEAMEO, the program is problem-oriented and responsive to the articulated needs of the educational systems in the region. The training courses emphasize the use of multi-channel learning approaches to cost-effectively meet the current demands of today's educators. To date, the Center has produced more than 19,000 alumni, mostly middle-level educators from three continents.

The Center offers both regular training courses and customized programs for its clients. The regular courses are mostly based on the Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Head which are being implemented through its SEAMEO Educational Development Fund (SEDF), while the customized programs are based on the unique and specific needs of the organizations and clients requesting for the Center's services.

These training courses can be grouped into the following broad categories:

    • Education Management : highlights the application of innovative and effective management and leadership strategies to equip the educational administrators with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to transform educational institutions into efficient and effective learning organizations.
    • Curriculum and Instruction : emphasizes the processes of logically developing, implementing and evaluating a curriculum in terms of learner characteristics, content, time, teaching methodologies, technology resources, and all other elements that are part of the teaching learning process.
    • Research and Evaluation : accentuates research capability strengthening for the development of a positive and dynamic research culture, with emphasis on policy research, qualitative methods and research management.
    • Technology : explores the potential of multi-channel learning approaches in raising the quality of learning, exploring new ways of creativity using traditional/conventional media and the latest trends in the emergent information/education technologies.
    • Alternative Learning Systems and Community Development : focuses on the development of alternative pathways and modalities for delivering basic education services, innovations in people mobilization and empowerment approaches. The Center has mounted a considerable number of courses over the years.

Some of the most significant courses are in the following areas:

Tel. +63 (2) 924-7681 to 4, 928-7348, 927-3017
Fax. +63 (2) 921-0224, 928-7694, 928-7650
Email info(at)seameo-innotech.org
Website www.seameo-innotech.org

2. SEAMEO Regional Training Centre (SEAMEO RETRAC), Vietnam

Through the pursuit of excellence and the development of expertise, SEAMEO RETRAC aims to become a leading regional centre in the field of educational management and enhancing international cooperation and partnership.

SEAMEO RETRAC Training Schedule for 2011, [Centre information , ]

Some of the most significant courses are in the following areas:

    • School Leadership and Educational Management
    • Action Research Methodology for Educators
    • Workshop on Critical Thinking
    • Workshop on Low-cost Interactive Smart Board for School
    • Workshop on Teaching Strategies for Effective Learning
    • ICT for Teachers and School Administrators
    • E-learning Material Development
    • English Language Training Department
    • English Language Training for Teachers and School Administrators
    • Research and Consultancy
    • Pre-departure Academic Programme
    • RETRAC e-Learning
Tel. +84 (8) 824-5617 to 8, 823-2174
Fax. +84 (8) 823-2175
Email retracinternational(at)vnseameo.org
Website www.vnseameo.org