SEAMEO Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training(SEAMEO VOCTECH), Brunei Darussalam

SEAMEO VOCTECH Regional Centre's main objective is to deliver and promote quality education, specifically in the field of VTET to its clients. Delivery approaches are in the form of training programmes, categorized as regular, in-country, customized and special courses. All divisions in the Centre play vital roles to efficiently and effectively render needed training related tasks and responsibilities. The training programmes include the following areas of concern:

  • Curriculum Design and Development
    • Curriculum Development and Evaluation in VTET
    • Competency-based Curriculum in VTET
    • Module Development
    • Dual Training Programme
    • Curriculum Development to Match Industrial Needs and Workplace Requirements
    • Environmental Education for Sustainable Development in VTET
  • Management for VTET
    • Leadership and management for VTET Institutions
    • Generating and Managing Resources in VTET Institutions
    • Micro-Enterprise Development
    • Strategic Management for VTET Administrators
    • Managing Change in VTET Institutions
    • Human Resources management for VTET Administrators
    • Developing Quality Management System for VTET Institutions
  • Refresher Programme for VTET Teachers and Instructors
    • Student Assessment in VTET
    • Student-Centred Teaching-Learning Methodologies
    • Facilitation and Motivational Skills for VTET Teachers and Trainers
  • Information and Communication Technology [ICT]
    • Managing Teaching and Learning through ICT
    • Development of Teaching and Learning Materials through ICT
    • On-line Teaching and Learning Materials
    • Theory and Practices on Online Teaching and Learning in VTET
    • The Use of Open Source Technology in Teaching and Learning in VTET
    • Management of Information System for VTET
    • Internet and Computing Core Training
    • PC Software and Hardware Maintenance
    • System Development for Internet
    • Network Security, Design, Architecture and Administration for VTET
  • Research and Development
    • Projecting Labour Supply and Demand
    • Delphi Method for Soliciting Input from Policymakers and Practitioners
    • Institutional Research for VTET
    • Survey Research for VTET
    • Action Research for VTET Teachers
    • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    • Measuring Training Efficiency and Effectiveness Using Return on Investment Techniques
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Research in VTET
    • Qualitative Data Analysis
    • Applied Research for Decision-Making Policy in VTET System
    • Proposal Writing for Research Grant
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