SEAMEO Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO BIOTROP), Indonesia

SEAMEO BIOTROP, the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology, was established on 6 February 1968. In carrying out the mandate of Governing Board, SEAMEO BIOTROP conducted its activities emphasizing on the empowerment of human resource in Southeast Asia. The activities cover research, training, networking, and personnel exchange and information dissemination in tropical biology.

SEAMEO BIOTROP Training Schedule for 2011

Training courses are in the following areas:

  • Conservation and Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants
  • Application of Molecular Techniques in Forest Tree Improvement Program
  • GIS application for Biodiversity Plant Mapping
  • Silviculture Technique to Support Mine Reclamation in SEA
  • Integrated Sorghum Development for Food, Feed, and Fuel
  • Household Wastes Composting
  • Scientific Writing Techniques
  • Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom for Family Resource Improvement
  • Biodiversity and Conservation of Bryophytes and Lichens
  • Integrated Stored-Product Pest Management
  • Nursery Management for Local Tree Species to Support Mine Reclamation
  • Management of Weeds and Invasive Alien Plant Species
  • Shallow Water Benthic Habitat Mapping Using High Resolution Satellite Data
  • Establishment of Fast Growing Species in Community Forestry and Plantation: Investment Opportunities and Benefits
  • Digital Micro-Photograph for Mycorrhizae
  • Prevention and Control of Mycotoxins in Food and Feedstuff
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