SEAMEO Community Involvement Activities, implemented by SEAMEO Units are as follows:

Progress Report

All SEAMEO Regional Centres have actively implemented the SEAMEO Community Involvement Programme since year 2000. The activities implemented by SEAMEO Units have been focused on providing specific training and technical assistance for improving the quality of life of society and the community through expertise of the SEAMEO Units and their partnership with related institutions and private organizations in the society.

To effectively implement the programme, the SEAMEO Centres have worked collectively to develop a joint programme with various partners such as community centres, foundations, government organisations, universities and private companies.

The activities undertaken for the SEAMEO Community Involvement Programme by the SEAMEO Regional Centres in FY 2008/2009 can be grouped and summarised into the following five areas:

  1. Educational Development Activities

The Educational Development Activities include the development and improvement of local schools' capacities and school adopted programmes. The activities involve building capacity programmes for school administrators and teachers, enhancing skills of students, providing resources, and improving facilities. The activities are as follows:

  • School Adopted Programme of SEAMEO Secretariat, SEAMEO CHAT, SEAMEO INNOTECH and SEAMEO SEARCA
  • Providing technical assistance and expertise to the SEAMEO QEE School Network by SEAMEO INNOTECH
  • Training and Research Partnership Programme with 14 local schools by SEAMEO RECSAM
  • Free Scholarships to Teachers by SEAMEO RECSAM
  • Training on School Leadership and Management Skills for schools in remote and disadvantaged areas in Vietnam by SEAMEO RETRAC
  • Series of ICT Skills Training for Indonesian teachers by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC. The training series included basic ICT skills development, web-based courseware development and integrating ICT into the classroom
  • On-line Examination Programme for high school students in Malang, developed by SEAMEO SEAMOLEC

  1. Social and Human Resources Development Activities

The activities for Social and Human Resources Development include conducting specific training programmes to improve vocational and social skills of people and providing various support to improve quality of life of disadvantaged people in remote areas and in the community. The activities are as follows:

  • Special training programmes through introduction of simple applied technology to generate additional incomes of community by SEAMEO BIOTROP such as aromatic distillation agro-industry, catfish farming and oyster mushroom production.
  • Scientific Drawing Programme for orphans and disabled children in Bogor City by SEAMEO BIOTROP
  • Tradition Awareness Programme to promote value of tradition, custom and minority languages by SEAMEO CHAT
  • Three Talks Programme to upgrade language proficiency of the different communities in Singapore by SEAMEO RELC
  • House building for disadvantaged people in Ben Tre Province by SEAMEO RETRAC
  • Community-based Heritage Conservation Projects in Phrae Province by SEAMEO SPAFA
  • Natong Community Participatory Archaeological Research Project by SEAMEO SPAFA
  • Donations such as blood donation, used equipment and financial support to the community

  1. Health Development and Promotion Activities

The activities for Health Development and Promotion include the development of capacity building programmes on disease prevention, nutrition and food safety for experts/ specialists, community leaders, teachers, students and the general public. The activities are:

  • Health Promotion Programme against tropical diseases conducted by SEAMEO TROPMED Thailand
  • Capacity Building Training on Nutrition and Food Safety for nutritionists and health officials by SEAMEO TROPMED-RCCN
  • Hands-on Workshop on Nutrition and Food Safety for Environmental Health Workers of Health Care Centres and District Health Offices in Indonesia. This programme is a partnership among SEAMEO TROPMED RCCN, SEAMEO BIOTROP and SEAMEO SEAMOLEC.

  1. Environmental Development Activities

The activities have been focused on providing training based on the Centre's expertise to promote and educate people on the sustainable development and environmental conservation. Samples of Centres' activities are shown as follows:

  • Special training programmes on technique of composting from domestic waste, organic farming and soil conservation by SEAMEO BIOTROP
  • Joint Collaboration between Karawang International Industrial City, SEAMEO BIOTROP, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC, and SEAMEO TROPMED RCCN to conduct a community development programme for 5 villages around the Industrial City
  • Environmental Awareness Programme: Planting of Trees by SEAMEO CHAT
  • Tree-Planting Programme organised by SEAMEO SEARCA in collaboration with the Boy Scouts of the Phillipines
  • A One-day Workshop on "Promoting Scientific Investigative Skills on Environmental Problems and Issues" for school children in community by SEAMEO RECSAM in collaboration with Penang State Government

  1. Responding to Global and Regional Emerging Issues

In order to respond to the global and regional emerging issues, the awareness raising programmes on the following issues were conducted by SEAMEO Units:

  • Climate Change Awareness Seminar on Climate Change Scenarios and its Implication on Ecosystem and Biodiversity, Food Security and Health for school administrators, community leaders and general public by SEAMEO RECSAM
  • School-based Approach Programme on Emerging Infectious Disease Control, with emphasis on Avian Influenza in Thailand by SEAMEO TROPMED Thailand
  • ASEAN Awareness Programme with secondary schools by SEAMEO CHAT