Fiscal Year 2007/2008

SEAMEO CHAT initiated the Community Involvement Programme in 2004 by adopting a Basic Education Middle School in Insein Township in Yangon suburbs, about 20- minute drive from the Centre.

SEAMEO CHAT carried out this programme by doing the school profile, community profile, survey on school activities, identifying needs based on the profiles and deciding on the assistance to be given. SEAMEO CHAT had arranged several meetings with the Insein Township Education Officer, the headmaster and teachers of the school at the Centre as well as at the school. To get the profile of the community, which consists mainly of low income families of different ethnic groups, interviews with parents have taken place at the community nearby.

To fulfill the school's requirement/needs, SEAMEO CHAT donated a 21" TV to the school in May 2005. SEAMEO CHAT conducted a two-week training course in librarianship to strengthen the school library and also presented cassette tapes and CDs on English and General Science, produced by the Myanmar Education Research Bureau to the school in February 2006. Resource Centre staff facilitated the management of the school library as well as collected information on publications related to education during FY 2007-2008.

SEAMEO CHAT is also upgrading English language skills for teachers of the school by enrolling two teachers from the school at every level of the SEAMEO CHAT Communication in English Course. Two teachers have obtained the SEAMEO CHAT Diploma in English Language Proficiency in March 2007 and two teachers are now attending in the third level of the English course.

SEAMEO CHAT organized a number of activities to promote students' awareness on tradition and health during FY 2005/2006. For FY 2006/2007, SEAMEO CHAT also organized the parents of students of different national ethnic groups to share knowledge of their customs and traditions to the students. Parents were persuaded to support their children to speak and practice their own languages and cultures during summer vacations through organized training courses to be held in April 2008.

With the assistance of Population Service International (PSI), an international NGO, pamphlets on Malaria awareness were distributed to the students in August 2006. Under the guidance of Directorate of Basic Education, the Insein Township Health Department arranged the test on student's personal hygiene and blood grouping and health education talks on diarrhea and dengue fever were conducted in October 2007.

The Basic Education Middle School No. (3) Insein Township in Yangon Suburb,
the Adopted School of SEAMEO CHAT

Fiscal Year 2008/2009

SEAMEO CHAT implemented the following Community Involvement activities during the FY 2008/2009:

  1. Capacity Building Programmes

For the development of teaching skills, SEAMEO CHAT furnished the teachers of the school to enroll at the CHAT Communication in English Course. Two teachers had already obtained Diploma in English Proficiency from the Centre and two teachers are still attending the sixth level (Advanced II) of the English course.

Moreover, SEAMEO CHAT provided books and materials on History as teaching aids for teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge. To raise the school capacity, several meetings were conducted in which the programme officers of SEAMEO CHAT, teachers, parents and school community attended for sharing of knowledge and experiences as well as evaluating the work done, and what more can be done in the future.

Books and materials on history being presented
to the headmistress
Prize winners on ASEAN Quiz
  1. ASEAN Awareness Programme

With the aim of raising the awareness and understanding on ASEAN, SEAMEO CHAT organized the quiz competition on ASEAN for secondary level students in September 2008 and prizes were awarded to students getting the highest marks at the competition.

  1. Environmental Awareness Programme

Under the Environmental Awareness Programme, SEAMEO CHAT organized and carried out activities of cleaning school campus and planting of trees in June 2009. Staff from SEAMEO CHAT also participated in this Programme along with the teachers and students.

  1. Traditional Awareness Programme

To value and be aware of the tradition, custom and language, one of the minority languages, Kayin language classes were given during the summer vacation in April 2009, in which parents, teachers and community were involved. Closing ceremony was arranged in a befitting manner and prizes were given to create stronger interest in students as well as their parents.

Summer Vacation Kayin Language Classes

Fiscal Year 2009/2010


The objective of the programme is to improve the existing system of the school focusing on capacity building of teachers and students, learning facilities, school management, as well as on parents and community's involvement. The long term objective is to help the school improve the quality of teaching and learning and sustain the above mentioned components.

Activities to be implemented:

  • Enhancing and developing of the school capacity
  • Improving teachers' capabilities
  • ASEAN Awareness Programme
  • Environmental Awareness Programme
  • Traditional Awareness Programme
  • Health Education Programme

Target Groups:

  • Teachers and Students from the school
  • School community

Expected partners/partnership:

  • Department of Basic Education
  • Department of Myanmar Education Research Bureau
  • Township Health Department
  • International Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Population Service International (PSI)