Fiscal Year 2007/2008

For the year in review, SEAMEO INNOTECH has continued to conduct research, training and information/communications technology projects involving schools and the communities they serve. Many of the technologies and innovations espoused by SEAMEO INNOTECH intimately involve parents and the community not only as stakeholders but as active participants/players in the projects. Following are some of the projects which closely engage the community:

Project eIMPACT -- Enhanced Instructional Management by Parents, Community and Teachers. Since its inception, Project IMPACT had been an important part of the Centre's programmes. The innovative learning system is meant to improve learner achievement through a package of interventions meant to transform the school, the students, teachers and the community as a whole. Some key features of Project eIMPACT involve parents and the community to aid in providing a meaningful learning experience for the school children despite the limited resources used for conventional learning systems.

Project Text2Teach 500 -- The project is implemented in the schools as a partnership among the local government or community institutions, the teachers and education leaders and an alliance of private corporations, including SEAMEO INNOTECH. The Parents, Teachers and Community Associations and local government units in participating communities are expected to provide a counterpart in acquiring some audiovisual equipment, keeping them secure and give support for their maintenance as well as cover the electricity costs. This kind of involvement in Project T2T 500 gives the parents
and the community a sense of ownership of the project results and encourages parents to be meaningfully engaged in education concerns.

Project APEX -- Applied Academics for Excellence.

SEAMEO INNOTECH continued to give technical and logistic support to some of its adopted schools which are part of the Regional Coalition of QEE Schools:

  1. Bahuyan Yapo Multigrade School in Barbasa District, Division of Antique; and
  2. Bongabon National High School in Bongabon, Division of Nueva Ecija

The teachers and principals of the schools were invited to share insights in SEAMEO INNOTECH and even regional activities. Some organizational support was also provided in the schools' participation in various SEAMEO-QEE activities organized in during FY 2007- 2008. Some used office furniture, computer equipment and other materials were made available to the schools.

The Centre also launched its Corporate Social Responsibility project by adopting two public schools that serve the community around SEAMEO INNOTECH: Culiat Elementary School and the Culiat High School, both in the Division of Quezon City. A comprehensive school improvement programme is being developed in close consultation with the school heads, the education leaders of Quezon City and the community leaders. The Centre provided some information materials, computers and peripherals, audiovisual equipment and continuing technical assistance to the teachers and the community extension services operated by the schools. The school heads and teachers will have free access to the training programmes and colloquia organized by SEAMEO INNOTECH.

Students of Culiat High School and Corporate Social Responsibility Activity of

Fiscal Year 2008/2009

Over the period in review, the Center continued to provide technical assistance and expertise, on top of provision of used office equipment, publications and computer/audio-visual equipment to the adopted schools which include the following:

QEE Network

  • Bongabon National High School, Bongabon District, Division of Nueva Ecija
  • Capas West Central High School, Capas District, Division of Tarlac
  • Bahuyan Yapo Multigrade School, Barbasa District, Division of Antique

SEAMEO INNOTECH Corporate Social Responsibility Project

  • Culiat Elementary School, Schools Division of Quezon City
  • Culiat High School, Schools Division of Quezon City

Adopted Schools

  • Patria National High School, Patria, Pandan, Antique
  • Assemblyman Segundo Moscoso Memorial School, San Pedro, San Jose, Antique
  • Canuto B. Pefianco Elementary School, Madrangca, San Jose Antique

Contributions/Services Rendered

  • Participation of school principals in SEAMEO INNOTECH forums and training courses
  • Personal Computers (20 sets) and peripherals
  • 2 sets each of IBM Thinkpad Notebook Computers
  • Consultations on SEAMEO INNOTECH Programmes
  • 130 work-days in the Brigada Eskwela (National School Clean-up and Maintenance Week)
  • Painting/re-finishing and cleaning of 6 classrooms
  • Painting/re-finishing of chalkboards and bulletin boards
  • Provision of paint, cleaning and finishing materials
  • Donation of school and office furniture and service vehicle

INNOTECH's CSR Program. Director Erlinda C. Pefianco led Center staff in repainting classrooms of the Culiat High School and Elementary School in Quezon City, Philippines. The Centre joined the nationwide drive (called Brigada Eskwela) of the Department of Education to prepare the country's 42,000 schools for the opening of classes. Brigada Eskwela has been a successful public-private partnership that has saved the Department millions of pesos in school maintenance costs.