Fiscal Year 2007/2008

SEAMEO RECSAM community involvement takes the form of partnerships with seven primary and seven secondary schools in the vicinity of Penang Island.

All science and mathematics teachers of these fourteen schools were given free membership and access to the Learning Resource Centre.

A total of sixty four teachers were given free scholarships to participate in twelve workshops conducted by SEAMEO RECSAM throughout the fiscal year, thus continuously providing these schools with exposure to international high quality workshops.

SEAMEO RECSAM created the opportunity for three teachers to represent Malaysia in participating in a programme on the promotion of human values-based water, sanitation and hygiene education (HVWSHE) in Southeast Asian schools. This initiative is in line with helping teachers in these partner schools to participate at a global level.

Training for Science and Mathematics Teachers at SEAMEO RECSAM

Fiscal Year 2008/2009

  1. SEAMEO RECSAM continues to work with the fourteen partner schools within the vicinity of Penang Island in the form of training and research partnerships.
  2. Teachers of the seven primary and seven secondary partner schools were offered free scholarships to participate in 8 workshops organized by the Centre throughout the fiscal year. A total of 39 partner schools teachers had the opportunity to attend the workshops and seminars conducted in RECSAM by international consultants.
  3. The centre's Learning Resource Centre offers free membership to all science and mathematics teachers of the fourteen partner schools.
  4. RECSAM's partnership with the schools has enabled their students to gain exposure interacting with international teachers and experience innovative teaching designed by regular and customized course participants through try-outs conducted either in the schools or in RECSAM.

A School Try-out in Progress

  1. RECSAM also supports the Association of Science and Mathematics Educators of Penang (ASMEP) through various collaborative programmes with the community of science and mathematics teachers of Penang. The Centre provides venue and facilities for meetings and actitivies organized by the association. In line with the Centre's initiative in promoting science and mathematics education, a total of 23 ASMEP members were given free scholarships to participate in RECSAM's workshops and seminars.
  2. On 4 November 2008, RECSAM conducted a one-day workshop entitled "Promoting Scientific Investigative Skills on Addressing Environmental Problems and Issues" for a total of 60 students from two schools in Penang under the sponsorship of the Penang state government. The workshop was conducted in RECSAM and the Penang Botanical Gardens. This programme was a state government's initiative for various communities, civil organizations, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations in providing educational activities to improve the learning of science and technology among school children. The workshop was aimed at increasing the awareness of schoolchildren about the importance of the environment, their responsibility towards the community and the environment as well as cultivating their interests in the field of science and technology.

Participants Collecting Samples for Investigation

RECSAM Facilitators and the Student Participants at the Penang Botanic Gardens

  1. RECSAM organized a Climate Change Awareness Seminar entitled "Climate Change Scenarios and its Implication on Ecosystem and Biodiversity, Food Security and Health" for school administrators, community leaders and the general public on 23 and 24 June 2009. The objective of the seminar was to develop awareness in various disciplines that climate change affects all aspects of life. The seminar also aimed at stimulating the interest of the participants to contribute in climate change issues from their own local perspective. Information and dissemination of important components of climate change will prepare the next generation to cope with the adverse and harsh resultant effects of the phenomenon. A total of 85 participants attended the seminar.