Fiscal Year 2007/2008

SEAMEO RELC participated in the Asian Children's Festival -- MRT Read and Ride event on 25 November 2007. The Festival was organized by the National Library Board. One of the Centre's lecturers told stories on Asian theme and heritage to children who were aged four to eight years old on board an MRT train that was travelling from Woodlands to Marina South. The children were from disadvantaged families.

In 2008, as part of its 40th Anniversary celebrations, SEAMEO RELC partnered with the Speak Good English Movement and National Library Board to present a series of three talks on Standard English. These talks, held at various libraries between July to September, were aimed at parents who wished to obtain information and suggestions on how to be good English language role models for their children. The titles of the talks were Using Standard Spoken English at Home, Ten Best Ideas to Teach Your Children to Speak Good English and What Every Parent Needs to Know about Standard Singapore English.

SEAMEO RELC Conducted a Series of Three Talks in Collaboration with the Singapore Speak Good English Movement and National Library Board.

Fiscal Year 2008/2009

SEAMEO RELC partnered with the National Library Board to present a series of three talks in July, August and September 2008.

The talk in July 2008 entitled 'Using Standard Spoken English at Home' was held in Woodlands Regional Library. The speaker gave examples of how parents could become a good and accurate model of the standard English language when communicating with their children.

The second talk, held at the Sengkang Community Library, focused on the ten best methods that parents could use to teach their children to speak good English.

The third talk was held in the Ang Mo Kio Community Library in September 2008. It provided information on how parents could distinguish between the uses of standard Singapore English and Singapore colloquial English, and be role-models in speaking good English.

All three talks were well received by parents who wished to be good English language role models for their children.

Fiscal Year 2009/2010

Objectives: To contribute to society by imparting practical language skills and upgrading the language proficiency of the different communities in Singapore

Activities to be implemented: Talks and workshops

Target groups: Parents, low-income families, the handicapped and foreigners working in Singapore

Expected partners/ partnership: Community centres, welfare organizations, embassies and clubs