Fiscal Year 2007/2008

ICT is an excellent tool to expand and improve quality of education. The fact in Indonesia shows that components of education in Indonesia who are use the ICT as a media for teaching and learning process in the class is still need to be increased. Since SEAMEO SEAMOLEC is a SEAMEO centre concerning on improving the quality of education through open and distance learning, the centre is responsible for participating to improve the quality of community and teachers, especially through open and distance learning. Therefore SEAMEO SEAMOLEC has run some programmes involving a community, such as: Klinik Pembelajaran (Teacher Clinic), Training on Wiki for Instruction for Teachers, Web-based Course Development, Self Assess Study for Teachers, and Training on Computer for Instruction.

Teacher Clinic is a centre, a place, a medium, a learning resource in which teachers can obtain solutions for their teaching-learning problems they identified from a classroom action research by sharing their experiences, discussing their problems, and gaining advices from educational experts who acted as doctors (supervisors) through both face-to-face and online modes (internet). This programme was carried in 2005 --2007, and participated by teachers from whole parts of Indonesia.

The Website of Teacher Clinic (

Training on Wiki for Instruction, Web based Course Development and Self Assess Study were conducted to improve the quality of teaching and learning process using ICT and internet, World Wide Web, Web Blog. By the end of the training teachers are expected to be able to develop Class Communication Site, Collaborative Class Site, or Web Blog to assist them in successful teaching and learning.

Training on Computer for Instruction was offered to the Department of Education in the provinces of West Java and Jakarta. SEAMEO SEAMOLEC invites all teachers and other related people who are interested in using and integrating computer for education to actively join in the training. This offer was announced to the officers of the department in September 2008.

The Director of SEAMEO SEAMOLEC Delivered a Training on Computer for Instruction for Indonesian Teachers

Fiscal Year 2008/2009

The existence of SEAMEO centers should be of benefit to community development. SEAMOLEC has been conducting some programmes to support community development through training courses. The training courses are mostly designed for teacher development:

  1. Basic ICT skills for Teacher Club for Jabodetabek area

This training course was conducted on Saturdays and Sundays for teachers at basic level in terms of computer skills. The participants are mostly primary school teachers under the Teachers Club of Jabodetabek area.

As a part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of SEAMOLEC, this training course is free of charge, under the coordination of training division of SEAMOLEC and the teachers club. Participants learn the basics of computer skills, such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, introduction to internet, and email. The similar course is also offered to a group of university lecturer around the campus.

  1. Self-Access Study program for English teachers

This training course is designed for teachers of English to enable them to integrate ICT into English classroom, such as the use of email and mailing list, blog, and hot potatoes. The email partnership program for their students to practice English communication is also planned during the course.

  1. Web-Based Courseware Development for teachers

Teachers at university level, both in Indonesia and in other SEA countries have been taking the opportunity to learn how to develop learning material in a learning management system (Moodle).

This course is made to enable them to conduct open and distance learning to their students. This training was designed together between SEAMOLEC and the hosting universities based on cost sharing. The share from SEAMOLEC is to send its trainers to the training venue with all the expenses, and the hosting universities provide the participants and the computer laboratory.

  1. Integration of ICT into Classroom

In collaboration with local offices of education at district and municipality level, SEAMOLEC will conduct a one-week training for teachers of elementary and high schools. It is a program for teachers to enable them to integrate ICT into their classroom.

Apart from teacher training courses, the programs for students were also developed:

  1. Ujian Online (Online Examination) in Preparation for National Final examinations

In collaboration with Malang office of education, a program called MASQI (Malang School Quality Improvement) has been running to prepare students for the national examinations. Students from elementary schools to high schools in Malang took this opportunity to practice the online tests developed by teachers. The website is

Another program for the preparation of the national final test was through video conference, by which teacher at Seamolec and students in Surabaya and Malang discussed items in the tests. SEAMOLEC also prepared a website for students to parctise online test, called LUNAS:

  1. Debate Online

To practice English proficiency, particularly expressing ideas in English, SEAMOLEC has prepared an online forum at

In this forum, anyone can participate to discuss on provided controversial issues. They learn from each other, try to understand others' thoughts and practice to express ideas and opinions in English with a very low level of stress, as it is done online.

  1. CISCO Discovery Training

Sixty students of SMK Bina Rahayu have been undertaking a 2-month training course on CISCO Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Business.

  1. Mobile Game Technology

A training course to produce a mobile educative game has also been undertaken by groups of students, both through video conference and through internship program. Students are trained to produce educational games to be developed in mobile phones by using JAVA programming.