Fiscal Year 2007/2008

The SEAMEO TROPMED/ Philippines has an integrated program on community development in San Juan, Batangas, Philippines. The different colleges field their students (medical, nursing, allied medical professions, dental, public health and the college of arts of sciences students) to various villages in this 3rd class municipality for their community rotation / exposure for 4-6 weeks, doing community diagnosis and health project planning with the community, in an integrated manner.

BS Public Health Students Field Exposure in San Juan, Batangas

For public Health, the Centre sent BS Public Health students enrolled in PH 195 course, to this San Juan field site. BSPH students conduct an assessment of the community at the village level.

The Master of Public Health students enrolled in PH 280 course which is their community exposure are sent to another province, in Laguna. These MPH students conduct community assessments at the municipality level.

In addition to community-based courses under degree programs, the Centre also offer field exposure visits under the international health program. For the past 4 years, we have fielded NIPH Japan exchange students to two municipalities within the Metro Manila area (Marikina and Paranaque) to conduct short field surveys on selected public health problems.

International Health Trainees Briefing in Paranaque Health Centre Free TB Dots Programme in Paranaque