The SEAMEO Community Involvement Programme was recommended in 1997 by the SEAMEO Council for SEAMEO Units to undertake. The project has involved the development and promotion of a School Adopted Programme in SEAMEO Member Countries.

The initial objective is to improve the existing system of the adopted schools. The implementation has focused mainly on capacity building of teachers and students, learning facilities, school management, parents and community's involvement. The long term objective is to help the school improve the quality of teaching and learning and sustain the above mentioned components.

Currently, the SEAMEO Community Involvement Programme of SEAMEO Units is considered as a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme which contributes to the development of all aspects of society such as environment, education, social and human resources, social welfare and health.

The Community Involvement Programme of SEAMEO Secretariat

Since year 1996, the SEAMEO Secretariat has adopted 4 schools in Thailand as follow:

  • 1996-2000 and 2007-Present:
    • Ban Pruewai School
      Address: No. 193, Khao Hin Sorn Sub-district, Phanom Sarakam District, Chachoensao Province 24120
  • 2001-2004 and 2007-Present:
    • Ban Subsanoon School
      Address: Moo 1, Subsanoon Sub-district, Muag-Lek District, Saraburi Province 18220
  • 2007- 2010:
  • 2010-Present:

In year 2007, Chonkanyanukoon Saensuk School, located in Chonburi province was selected by the SEAMEO Secretariat as an adopted school in addition to two schools: Ban Pruewai School and Ban Subsanoon School.

In year 2008, SEAMEO Secretariat revisited the former adopted schools of SEAMEO Secretariat; Ban Pruewai School and Ban Subsanoon School and found that both schools still lack facilities and teaching equipment. The teachers who were trained and involved in the capacity building programme in the past have retired and transferred to another school. Both schools also face the challenge of low students' academic performance and reading capability.

Therefore, the activities in the recent fiscal year (2007/2008) were focused mainly on strengthening schools' capacity and teachers' capabilities of three schools: Chonkanyanukoon Saensuk School, Ban Pruewai School, Ban Subsanoon School.

To implement the programme, the SEAMEO Secretariat has also collaborated with SEAMEO Centres, private companies, public organizations and educational development agencies for providing technical assistance to the schools. These organizations are the Princess Sirindhorn's Technology Information Project, Pintar Learning SDN BHD (Malaysia), Epson (Thailand) and the Office of Education Council, Ministry of Education, Thailand.

The activities were as follow:

Report of Activities for 2007/2008
Report of Activities for 2012/2013

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