INNOTECH Flexible Learning

iFLEX, the INNOTECH Flexible Learning Management System, is SEAMEO INNOTECH's learning management system for continuing professional development program especially designed for learning leaders.

This is a web-based platform that allows learners to interact with each other synchronously or asynchronously via MyChat or MyForum. Learners can also download and upload course requirements, online feedback and ratings, required readings, and access online journals and an array of multi-media resources to help them in their studies.

For further information, please contact: info(at)

  E-learning at SEAMOLEC

eLeaning @SEAMOLEC is an e-learning platform, developed by the SEAMEO Regional Open Learning Centre based in Jakarta, Indonesia to assist educators in identifying educational problems and finding alternative solutions for sustainable human resource development through the dissemination and effective use of open and distance learning.

SEAMOLEC has created two eLearning tools which can be used in eLearning activities: WebCT and Moodle.

For information, please contact secretariat(at)

  RETRAC e-Learning

RETRAC e-LEARNING was developed by the SEAMEO Regional Training Centre, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. RETRAC e-LEARNING allows participants in a SEAMEO RETRAC programme to interact with instructors and fellow students both in and outside of the classroom at their own pace and wherever they may be.

RETRAC e-LEARNING site utilizes discussion forums, online chats, file sharing, online access to resources and references, online submission of assessments, email and other functions that help support our learners.

For registration, please contact: contact(at)

  SEAMEO Center Directors' Management Forum

The SEAMEO Center Directors Management Forum is an online forum of SEAMEO Centre Directors and the Secretariat to discuss management issues. The forum is hosted by SEAMEO INNOTECH.

  SEAMEO TraiNet

The SEAMEO TraiNET is an online forum of SEAMEO Centres' staff for strengthening networking and inter-centre collaboration among SEAMEO units. This platform is hosted and developed by SEAMEO INNOTECH for all members of SEAMEO family to share information/ resources and discuss issues on training, marketing, research, business development & opportunities and others.

For registration, please contact: secretariat(at)