Challenges in the New Millennium
The launch issue provides an overview of the educational system of each of the countries in Southeast Asia, including historical evolutions, social and economic contexts, the aims and nature of education and major policy issues to be addressed in the early years of the new millennium.
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Language Education: Regional Issues in the 21st Century
The prevalence of English as a preferred second language is examined in this issue, with closer scrutiny at the cultural dimension of English teaching, theories and approaches to the teaching of English, the development of teaching materials sensitive to the cultures of the region, the linguistic features of English as adopted by countries as well as language teaching and curriculum reform.
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Diverse topics are discussed in this issue: educational reforms in Britain and the USA and their counterparts in Southeast Asia, bilingual and non-formal education for indigenous peoples, the growing use of English as a second language in multicultural societies, teachers' role in collaborative learning environments, and the role of parents in Confucian heritage cultures in the region and its immediate neighbors on the education of children.
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