The 5th edition of the SEAMEO Education Agenda gives tribute to the underlying contributors who provide support to facilitate the development of education in the region. It features the contributions that SEAMEO and the Southeast Asian countries has given such as the involvement of all levels and sectors of society -- acknowledging the endeavor to enable accessible and sustainable education.

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The fourth issue gives tribute to the SEAMEO High Officials of the 11 SEAMEO Member Countries.  The new Education Ministers and new Centre Directors were also featured in the profile pages.  This copy includes stories of new avenues that SEAMEO treads to contribute to the attainment of the Education for All goals in Southeast Asia, such as the "Reaching the Unreached" initiative, use of mother tongue as bridge language of instruction, and providing lifelong learning skills through school and community involvement.
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The third issue showcases the SEAMEO Secretariat director and 14 SEAMEO Centre Directors; features insight on the importance of language in early education in Southeast Asia and a progress on quality education of children with special learning needs; and reviews on storytelling technique as a means to help preserve endangered languages and cultures
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The second issue features the education ministers of the 8 SEAMEO Associate Member Countries and the officials of the SEAMEO Affiliate Member; showcases the master plans, policies, and implementations of ICT in education in different SEAMEO Member and Associate Member States; and reports on Spain becoming the newest SEAMEO family member.
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