SEAMEO Consultation and Workshop on Post-2015 Education Scenarios
and Post-EFA Education Agenda in Southeast Asia

28-30 January 2014, The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai , Thailand


The SEAMEO Council composed of the ministers of education of 11 Southeast Asian countries directed the need to focus efforts and initiatives of SEAMEO on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Post-2015 Education Agenda during the Ministerial Round Table Meeting at the 47th SEAMEO Council Conference on 21 March 2013 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The year 2015 marks the conclusion of the Education for All (EFA) movement which has been the flagship agenda of education programmes around the world for the past two decades.

While there have been a number of efforts by international organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF to trigger discussions on post-2015 education agenda at the global and Asia- Pacific contexts, there has been no specific discussion convened yet with particular attention and focus to Southeast Asia. SEAMEO then takes upon itself the responsibility to convene and consult key stakeholders in determining the specific agenda in education for SEAMEO and Southeast Asia after 2015.

This three-day consultation with SEAMEO stakeholders was key in determining the most appropriate education agenda in Southeast Asia beyond 2015, particularly taking into consideration the region’s unique needs and context as well as the current effort in strengthening the ASEAN Community.

Discussions and workshops during the three-day event utilized the science of foresight and future studies which included activities such as envisioning futures. Background documents, country papers and technical input during the consultation anchor heavily on and take into consideration existing efforts of other organizations such as UNESCO in relation to EFA and post-2015 education agenda for synergy and complementation. Country papers from SEAMEO Member Countries, reports and input from SEAMEO Regional Centres, and technical inputs from various international organizations on various topics were used as references during the three-day discussions and workshops.



  1. To examine the global and Asia-Pacific discourses on MDGs, EFA Goals and Post-2015 Education Agenda
  2. To validate and align country issues on education vis-à-vis Asia-Pacific and global educational landscapes
  3. To identify gaps, priorities and replicable practices on education programme implementation
  4. To conceptualize, create, and discuss the futures of education at the global, Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia
  5. To determine specific post-2015 education agenda in SEAMEO including the roles of stakeholders and mechanisms to align said education agenda with programmes of SEAMEO Centres and to recommend regional policy framework to support implementation of national education programmes of SEAMEO Member Countries


  1. High Officials and other key officials from SEAMEO Member Countries (instruction and planning in early childhood education, basic and secondary education, nonformal education, higher education, technical and vocational education)
  2. Representatives from Associate and Affiliate Members
  3. SEAMEO Regional Centres
  4. Representatives from international organizations and non-governmental organizations
  5. Representatives from other relevant government agencies and private corporations
  6. Students and youth

List of Participants here



Activity/ Session Speaker/ Facilitator
Day 1, 28 Jan 2014, Tuesday – Laying Down Groundwork for Development of Education in Southeast Asia
0800-0830 Registration  
0830-0945 1. Opening Programme
  1. Welcome Remarks

  2. Meeting Objectives and Introduction of Participants

  3. Keynote Address: Foresight and Alternative Futures of Education
  • Dr Witaya Jeradechakul
    Director, SEAMEO Secretariat
  • Dr Pornpun Waitayangkoon (Welcome Remarks)
    President, Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), Thailand
  • Dr.Montien Chomdokmai (Welcome Remarks)
    Faculty of Education, Burapha University
  • Dr Tinsiri Siribodhi (Presentation)
    Deputy Director for Administration and Communication, SEAMEO Secretariat
  • Prof James Allen Dator (Presentation)
    Director, Hawaii Research Center for Future Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
2. Plenary Session 1
  1. Education Development, Achievements and Challenges at the Global and Asia-Pacific Levels
  • Dr Sheldon Shaeffer (Presentation)
    Consultant and Former Director of UNESCO Bangkok
1030-1100 Coffee break  
  1. Country Presentations on Top Achievements, Priorities, Issues/Trends and Challenges in Education (10 minutes per country)
Panel 1: Brunei Darussalam (Presentation)
Lao PDR (Presentation)
Malaysia (Presentation 1, 2)
Thailand (Presentation)

Chair: Assist Prof Sadayu Teeravanittrakul
Associate Dean for Student Development Affairs, Department of Education Administration
Burapha University, Thailand
  1. Country Presentations
Panel 2: Cambodia (Presentation)
Indonesia (Presentation)
Philippines (Presentation)
Singapore (Presentation)

Chair: Dr Supattra Pativisan
Assistant President, IPST
1240-1340 Lunch break at Panda Restaurant, 2nd Floor  
3. Plenary Session 2 – The Drivers of Change and Shifting
Trends in Education in Southeast Asia
  1. Economy: The ASEAN Integration and its Implication to
    Education in Southeast Asia
  1. Technology: The Science, Technology, Engineering
    and Mathematics (STEM)
  1. Society and Culture: Towards Global Citizenship
  1. Public Health and Environment
  1. The Business Sector Perspective on the Implication of
    Drivers of Change and Shifting Trends in Education
Chair: Dr Sheldon Shaeffer
  • Mr Ky-Anh Nguyen (Presentation)
    Head of Education, Youth and Training Division, ASEAN Secretariat
  • Dr Pornpun Waitayangkoon (Presentation)
    President, IPST Thailand
  • Ms Ushio Miura (Presentation)
    Programme Specialist and Team Leader, Education Research
    and Foresight, UNESCO Bangkok
  • Prof Dr Pratap Singhasivanon (Presentation)
    Secretary General
    SEAMEO Regional Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network
  • Mr Narong Tananuwat (Presentation)
    Honorary Chairman, Chamber of Commerce, Chiang Mai, Thailand
1530-1600 Coffee break .

4. Plenary Session 3

  1. The Science of Foresight and Its Role in Shaping Policy Development in Japan
Chair: Dr Ramon C Bacani

  • Dr Kuniko Urashima (Presentation)
    Deputy Director, S&T Foresight Center NISTEP, MEXT Japan
  1. Reflections
Selected Participants
1830-2030 Welcome Dinner at the Centre for the Promotion of Arts and Culture Chiang Mai University
Day 2, 29 Jan 2014, Wednesday – Creating the Futures of Education in Southeast Asia


5. Workshop 1 – Identifying Trends and Emerging
Issues in Education
  1. Introduction and Workshop Mechanics
  1. Group Discussion by Theme/Futures
  • Prof James Dator (Presentation)
    University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
  • SEAMEO Member Countries, Centres and other participants
1200-1300 Lunch break Lunch break at Panda Restaurant, 2nd Floor


6. Workshop 2 – Discussion on Alternative
Futures of Education in Southeast Asia
  1. Introduction and Workshop Mechanics
  1. Group Discussion by Theme/Futures
  1. Presentation of Group Outputs
  • by Group Facilitators
  • SEAMEO Member Countries, Centres and other participants
  • Group Outputs

Dinner at Chaonang Coffee Shop, 1st Floor

Day 3, 30 Jan 2014, Thursday – Setting the New Agenda for Education in Southeast Asia
7. Workshop 3 – Discussion on Strategic Options and
Sector Plans based on Outputs from Workshops 1 and 2
  1. Introduction
  1. Group Discussion by Sub-sectors

Prof James Dator (Presentation)
Workshop Questions
1200-1300 Lunch break at Panda Restaurant, 2nd Floor
  1. Presentation of Group Outputs
    Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4,
    Group 5, Group 6, Group 7, Group 8)
1430-1500 Summary, Way Forward and Closing Programme

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Workshop in the News - SEAMEO collaborates with various partners to determine Post-2015 education agenda in Southeast Asia

Other Workshop Documents

  1. Post-2015 Education Scenarios, ASEAN Integration, and the Post-EFA Education Agenda in Southeast Asia by Dr Sheldon Shaeffer
  2. Concept Note on Education Post-2015 by UNESCO
  3. Alternative Futures by Dr James Dator
  4. Initiatives that Respond to and Support the EFA Goals and the MDGs by SEAMEO Regional Centres